What you can learn from dumping wine all over your body...

Helicium created its own ALS Wine Bucket Challenge at Kohler Food & Wine Experience in October in Kohler, WI.  No wine was spilled and donations went to ALS Wisconsin.  The Challenge was a raffle with the prize being Helicium Glass. Read on to get your discount and Helicium will donate!  

4 Symbolic Takeaways from the Ice Bucket Challenge
by Greg Gottsacker

“If I see one more ALS ice bucket challenge video I think I’m gonna puke”.
If you didn’t say it, it probably crossed your mind. Admit it.
Don’t worry-- the Ice Bucket Challenge season is over until it gets hot again next summer, and we have since moved into a pink NFL October and mustache season for Movember

Philanthropic awareness has come a long way from little red ribbons at the Oscar’s and Tour de “Lance” Livestrong bracelets. 
You do this, I’ll give this.  You wear this, and I’ll give this.  It is essentially a contract between two parties to benefit a universal cause.
The visual symbolism of pink and November crust-aches is an easy formula to comprehend although perhaps slightly biased.  
Pink=Ladies=Breast Cancer        
Mustache=Man=Male Cancer
But what does a cold bucket of water have to do with a neurodegenerative disease that causes muscle atrophy? 
What is the relationship between a bucket of water and ALS?
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has  meaning and historical significance and that is why Helicium engaged in an ALS WINE BUCKET CHALLENGE recently at the Kohler Food & Wine Experience. 
Thankfully no wine was spilled and a generous donation was given to ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter
Here are my 4 Reasons why an Ice Bucket Challenge has a connection to a Charitable Cause:


  1. Dumping water in fancy terms can be considered a libation.  A libation is a ritual where one pours out liquid as a gift to a god in memory of those who have died.


  1. The pouring of wine, water, and oil in ceremonies honoring family, hospitality, health, birth, and death exists in every continent and every religion.  


  1. Ancient Greek civilization used libations to honor the gods.
    The Greek verb spendō “pour a libation” comes from the Indo-European root word spend.  This ancient word spend can be found in the modern German language verb spenden which means “to donate”.  Woah.  


  1. 2pac Shakur’s hit rap song “Pour out a Little Liquor” sums up a contemporary African-American tradition of libation of tipping malt liquor (a 40 oz) in honor of the deceased.   

Perhaps my reasons are a stretch, but I don’t think we have to look very far to understand the pouring of water is both attention getting and symbolic to an element of human preservation. 
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a tremendous success for ALS, and Helicium would like to take the opportunity to continue our ALS Wine Bucket Challenge.  So here is the contract…“One for me and one for my homies (at ALS WI)”.
Helicium will give you a 10% discount on your Helicium Glass at www.heliciumglass.com.  Enter “ALS” as the coupon code at checkout. 
Helicium will then match your discount of 10% of your net sale and donate directly to ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter.   

Thank you so much if you have already participated! Please pass on the word so we can increase our donations to ALS Wisconsin



Greg Gottsacker 

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Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker