An Imported French Souvenir for Mother’s Day!

by Greg Gottsacker

I see my Mother about once a year.  Once a year!  And every time we see each other it is a celebration--just like a Birthday, an Anniversary, Easter...Christmas, or any other one-time a year event.  Christmas only comes once a year!  Well for does seeing my Mom.  

Visiting with Mom is an opportunity to share experiences of the past year, complain about the other siblings, and play favorite for a while.   It’s part of the many advantages of seeing Mom only once a year.  

We usually do “Mom” stuff, which I really enjoy.  We cook together-- like a new recipe of Shish Taouk chicken I learned from some of my friends from Lebanon.  We go grocery shopping together and compare the store to a European market.   Heck, I even went to Zumba once with my Mom.  (Note this should not be replicated and I haven’t been since.)

The visit always involves drinking wine and learning about the bottle we just discovered. I usually smuggle in some wine from France and of course deliver the always requested replenishing stock of Maille Dijon mustard.  If the visit coincides with holidays, I might even be off-loading a French perfume for a Christmas gift. (Reminder….check on perfume stock--I think she is running low on the Coco Mademoiselle?)  

Part of the fun of the trip (but also the stress) is finding what unique gift I can bring back for Mom-- but I always seem to find something.

As the visit progresses on, we start counting the days until I have to leave again.  This leads to anxiety, which can lead to more wine, which leads to more storytelling, which can lead to a hangover on a plane the next day.  But it isn’t the wine hangover that hurts.

No matter how many times we do this, it is never easy to say goodbye not knowing the next time I will see my Mom.   Perhaps this is not a unique experience.  Every mother-child relationship demonstrates these feelings when they say goodbye.   Call it broody, call it overly protective, call it Oedipal, call it mama's boy, call it what you want….but it only happens once a year for me.

Stop Thinking and Celebrate

You see, I don’t want you to think about anything else this year but celebrating with your Mom.  You will not have to think all week about the gift idea, because I am giving it to you right here--a set of Helicium Glass! Instead of stressing about a gift, you can spend an extra couple  minutes this week thinking about a fun story to tell Mom on Sunday.   You know one of those stories from high-school that hasn’t been told yet??
Ex: “Remember that one time that the car..."


It will be a beautiful, early spring Sunday in May, and you will be out on the deck with a glass of wine with the family.   Your Mother will be glowing because you can give her your full attention and thank her for all she has done for you.  You can give her that extra attention because you have it to give--you had a stress free week of no shopping!

You’ll even find the perfect bottle of wine to go with Sunday’s celebration because you had the extra time to research it and learn something.  Think about how knowledgeable you will be on Sunday telling everybody about that wine, and how proud and impressed Mom will be of her child...just because you didn’t have to fret and run around this week looking for some run-of-the-mill gift.

Wine Glasses for Mom

Helicium Glasses are the perfect unique gift for Mother’s Day, especially for Mom’s that like wine! Helicium is also imported from France, another fun fact you can tell Mom!

Helicium comes in two different models, stems and stemless, and are the premium aerating  wine glass on the market.  If you and Mom just can’t wait another hour for that wine to “open up” on Sunday, than Helicium is the perfect aroma accelerator and wine aerator for you...but in the glass.


Enjoy all the benefits of Helicium by ordering for Mom today!


  •     immediate aeration in the glass thanks to integrated blades
  •     100% lead free all mineral glass, robust and sturdy
  •      holds a brilliant shine up to thousands of industrial washes
  •      elegant and classic look designed in France


Order Now before the Weekend!

So please, focus on a funny story and a nice glass to share with Mom rather than thinking of gift’s right here with Helicium Glass.


By ordering Helicium this week on-line at, Helicium offers you free shipping and wrapping!   Plus, Helicium is offering you special Mother's Day pricing this week only!


Order today and receive Helicium Glass for just:


4 Stems for $75 (instead of $84!)

4 Stemless for $50 (instead of $60!)


All you have to do is enter “MOTHER” as the coupon code at  and Helicium will give you free shipping to your door within 48 hours.....with the glasses wrapped and ready to go for Sunday!
Offer is valid through this Friday May 8th so hurry and get ready for a celebration with Mom!



Greg Gottsacker 

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Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker