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Starting June out on the right foot 

by Greg Gottsacker

School is officially out and summer is on its way! But wait...you are not a student and don't care if school is out. You have to go to work everyday and your kids have terrorized the entire house since they have come home from school.

You have to sweat through this heat on a swivel chair, prep the meals for the beasts we call children, cut the lawn (tis' the season), check on Mom and Dad, and start planning the family vacation...

Look, I don't have a lot of time to cheer you up, because frankly the weather is too nice and I need to enjoy it before another storm comes in...so here are a couple activities for you to kick off June and start enjoying summer now!

1. Roland Garros French Tennis Open
This is a benchmark summer  event marked by red clay playing surface called "terre" in French.   Reminds me of another word like..hmm "terroir".    Turn it on today and catch the semifinals with Serena Williams, Djokovic and Andy Murray.

2. Rosé Wine Season

Do you want to be really "Frenchy" this season and show off a new drink to friends?  
Step 1: Get a bottle of rosé
Step 2: Fill up a Helicium wine glass with ice cubes
Step 3: Fill Helicium glass with rosé  

This is called a "Piscine de Rosé" and is the hot ticket in France this summer.   What does it mean?  "Rosé Swimming Pool".   Go for a swim and try a Rosé from Tavel region, France's best known rosé region.

3.  I’m your Venus!  I’m your Fire!

With the full moon shining bright on June 2nd and the days approaching their longest, there’s plenty of natural light around to chill out on the deck until the wee hours.

Plus you can even see Venus! 

On June 6th, Venus reaches its greatest eastern elongation of 45 degrees from the sun.    
What the heck does that mean?  

Look for a bright planet in the western sky just after sunset--that's Venus.  

You have worked hard and deserve a break, and if you are from a cold climate like I am, summer can come and go before you say "Piscine de Rose".  Enjoy those weddings, BBQs, graduation parties, and picnics folks!  

Don't forget because I did!  I forgot to set my pricing back after the Mother's Day special!  

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Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker