Don't stock wine---stock up!


by Greg Gottsacker

Many positive comments were received regarding last week’s post about the 2015 harvest!  

I don’t blame you for not being excited about some stellar wines coming soon to a table near you...but please do me a big solid….and go enjoy that wine now!  

So many people wrote back with comments like this:  

“Cool! I’m gonna really stock up on 2015!” or “Perfect-I have a wine cave and plenty of room to start stocking up on 2015’s!”  

Don’t stock wine---just stock up!  

Let’s be clear about something.  About 99% of all wines are not meant to be cellared. Sure it’s fun to play wine cave and coolest man in the world by hoarding and showcasing labels from exotic wine groves the world over...but I am no Monte Cristo and this barron needs a little sauce for dinner.  

I try to apply a simple stock technique in my wine collection--FIFO.  First-In-First-Out. That means I am always drinking my oldest vintages...which means right now we are going through 2009’s-2012’s.   (See photo below of my current line-up that needs to be emptied)

Pinterest Sold Me A Wine Cave

There is a whole industry out there that has told us that real wine enthusiasts must own some wooden, extrinsic cellar to stock the goods.  Eureka! it has worked--every time I perouse a Wine & Food magazine, Pinterest, or Instagram I see some pretty cool set-ups that have me drooling over the wine cave instead of the wine!

Wine caves are cool indeed.  But don't worry too much about the cellar....does it serve your needs? Who is it or your neighbors? Are you really a wine speculator hoping to yield a return on a vintage that might increase in value? There are so many variables and unless you are really, really, really into it...I suggest to start sucking some of that inventory.

Remember most wine from any given harvest won’t see the ball drop this year.

“Between 90 to 93 percent of all the wine on the globe produced from a given harvest becomes pee-pee and hangovers before the next harvest.”   Bill St. John, Chicago Tribune

Perhaps I’ll come back and revisit the topic of wine caves later...but for now I just want to remind you not to hesitate to open those bottles and ENJOY--NOW!   

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Have a look here to see what you are drinking and when you should drink it.  

Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker