Drink like a world leader! Churchill's favorite wine revealed....

by Greg Gottsacker

Drink like a Leader

A great leader begins his day in bed with a Johnny Walker Red and soda water.  

For good measure, he usually indulges in two more while catching up on emails before lunch break.  Getting caught up is the worst…

Lunch with the HR director and a few honored clients wouldn’t be productive business without a bottle of bubbles, several glasses of red wine, and a brandy snifter to cap off the noon hour.

Back to the office for the afternoon sales meeting coupled with another Walker and water….and a quick catnap? Our courageous leaders need to be well rested for their evening of drinking and networking.

8 PM.  Off to dinner for a couple more scotches, more champagne, buckets of Bordeaux, and several brandies. Our visionary leader finally retreats post meal to his study for a nightcap and reflection, where he will be engrossed in a novel before deflating into his berth.

Of course this is not an average day of our modern day business leader….oh no. Such a modest day could only be achieved by an extraordinary leader and man---Winston Churchill.

There is much speculation about the daily drinking habits of Mr. Churchill, and much of those inventions of excess serve us no real benefit other than awe and marvel.

Any critique of Churchill’s superabundance in alcoholic intake is based upon a covetous nature of spiteful thirst.

Undoubtedly, alcohol consumption at that level from a public figure has long since become taboo....but even he knew that!

Mr. Churchill, staying true to his roots and respecting his aristocratic background, made sure to never appear drunk.   Now that’s a politician!

The extent of Winnie’s drinking and its effects on his health have become part of his legacy.

Yet this is not a commentary of his legacy.  Nope. Sorry.

There are thousands of books at your disposal debating the ethics of his politics as a Bolshevik strangler and defender of the principles of liberty and freedom.

This was supposed to be about the booze that Churchill drank and a little secret I discovered this summer while on holiday.

Churchill’s favorite scotches, champagne, spirits and wine are pretty well documented, but there is a favorite wine of his that gets little attention that you absolutely must try.

It is a red wine called Melnik from Melnik, Bulgaria, an area that has been making wine since the 14th century!

Melnik is also the name of the grape varietal, or Широка мелнишка лоза, if you want to try out your Cyrillic.

Melnik is in the far southwest corner of Bulgaria in the Struma Valley near the Greek and Macedonian borders, and it is consistently a demon furnace down there in the summer.

Expect a strong and high alcohol by volume wine, dark and fruity but exotic and one that ages well in an oak barrel.

Churchill is said to have ordered 2 barrels of Melnik a year. That’s over 500 litres of wine for private consumption!

Logodaj Winery was apparently the preferred etiquette of Mr. Churchill according to the wine shop I visited in Varna, Bulgaria.

So if you are feeling ambitious you can try out a liter or two of Melnik and emulate our thirsty leader Mr. Churchill.

However we may view the absorbent tendencies of Churchill, we can learn something from the leader-drinker in this hidden little gem called Melnik from the small wine producing country of Bulgaria.

So be courageous and go drink like a leader. Give Melnik a try today.

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Logodaj Nobile Melnik!  

Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker