How to Release the Aroma of Your Bourbon NOW so Your Visitors Leave with a Bottle of Your Premium Whiskey

A gas station in Illinois began pumping the smell of coffee near the pumps and saw coffee sales increase by 300%.  

A shoe store placed 2 identical pairs of shoes in separate rooms, one scented with a floral fragrance and the other not.  84% of customers preferred the shoes from the scented room and estimated their value at $10 more than the other unscented pair.

In the 1990’s Las Vegas experimented with scented and unscented slot machine areas. Guess what?  The scented slot areas saw increased gambling by 45%!

Environment is everything...the way your tasting room looks, feels, and even smells will contribute to your customer’s comfort and willingness to buy.   

You have invested MILLIONS into the tasting experience at the end of your distillery tour...but are you doing the same with your glassware?

The Helicium Whiskey Glass doesn’t just have a minor advantage over other whiskey glasses.  It has a major advantage over the others.  It has 3 patented blades, (yes blades!) inside the glass.  When swirled, the blades mix and open the whiskey and immediately enhance the aromas of your whiskey.  

And it’s the aroma of your bourbon rising out of a glass that goes straight in the nostrils of your tourist-visitor. Straight into the brain of your customer. Straight into the amygdala, the center of human emotions in the brain that will then rationalize their purchase.  

 The Helicium Whiskey Glass has lots of features just like any product...but who cares?  

The only important thing for you is to know the 3 key benefits this glass will bring to your tasting room and retail area.

  •  3 Patented Blades inside the glass that immediately open up the aroma of your bourbon…paying a true tribute to your historic recipe and the labor of your master distiller.  This patent is locked in for 20 years so NO OTHER GLASS MANUFACTURER CAN REPLICATE THIS EFFECT!
  •  Pardon my French...but 2 words for you: Badass Glass.  Helicium is made from a unique material that is 100% mineral based and lead-free.  Drop it on the bar and it probably won’t break.  Run it through the industrial dishwasher 1,000s of times and it still sparkles and shines like new.
  •  Bourbon drinking is rich in storytelling.  The master distiller with his +100-year-old recipes and stories. The silver-tongued bartender serving a glass of whiskey and exchanging tales with his patrons. The patrons...well…enough said.  The Helicium Glass was created and designed in the hills of south-west France and is now imported and available in the USA.  Now you have another story to tell in your tasting room at the end of the tour...just when consumers emotions are on fire and curiosity is at its peak.  

Interest in American whiskey is at an all-time high.  Bourbon country is now welcoming over 1 million visitors per year, with the average bourbon tourist spending an average of $1,000 per trip.

Smells like opportunity to me...with a tourist’s high inclination to purchase bourbon (and hopefully a lot!), buying a whiskey glass wouldn’t exactly be an impulse would it??

In fact, the Helicium Whiskey Glass is a lot like your bourbon. Helicium isn’t just manufactured.  It was hand-crafted (blown) by an artisan in France and developed over years of testing, tasting, smelling, and experimentation.  

Helicium Glass has won glass design awards just like your bourbon wins awards at an International Spirits Competition.  The name might be funny...Helicium...but that just means blade in French.  A blade in your glass...and remember that’s badass!  

There is a world of aromas, flavors, and stories just waiting to come out of your bourbon...but you have to get it out.  There is a story in every barrel, every bottle, and every glass---and the Helicium Whiskey Glass is here to help you!

And the first step is simple...and it’s FREE!  But I can’t call you…. you are too busy running a busy tasting have to take the first step!   

 E-mail us here at with the subject title: “I’m interested in Helicium at Name of Distillery” with your shipping address and the name of the contact person at your retail/tasting room.  I will send you a 4-pack of Helicium Whiskey Glasses FREE for tasting, smelling, selling, washing, dropping...hell-do what you want with them!   

There are no obligations to this 4-pack deal. None.  I am simply convinced that Helicium Glass is so significantly superior to all other products in its category...that I want you to try them.

We want to share the Helicium story with you…...and for you to share your bourbon’s story with your customer.  If your customer is serious about their whiskey, it’s time to get serious about the glass!

Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker