How to Smell Cat Pee in Your Sauvignon Blanc

Science + Wine Glass: A Power Lesson in Becoming a Power Taster


Some people have a real knack for picking out aromas in wine. Experience counts for a lot of that, but you should know a couple things about aromas if you want to smell Fluffy’s litter box next time you sip a glass of white. 

An experienced nose can pick up hints of a dirty diaper in a Cabernet Franc and cat piss in Sauvignon Blanc.  Are those aromas really in the wine? What gives?

Aromas are chemical compounds that are released by the alcohol process in wine making.  Alcohol gooood…. the carrier of aromas.  

Oh. And it is alcohol.  We like alcohol.  

If your last hangover didn’t spell it out for you though…alcohol can be volatile.  But volatile doesn’t just mean violent and explosive like an oncoming hangover or a conflict south of Beirut. 

Volatility also means the ability of a chemical compound to vaporize.

A chemical compound like cat pee? 

Well, yes.  You see while your grape juice undergoes fermentation (making alcohol), dozens of VOLATILE SECONDARY aromatic compounds are created in your wine. These are the subdued aromas that are hard to put your nose on like Cat Pee, Wet Dog, Dirty Diaper, or Petrol. 

These are the fun descriptions that some creative wine drinkers have likened those subdued aromas to.  A wet dog was not in the fermentation tank and a cat didn’t urinate on the vines. 

But…these less-known aromas, by-products of fermentation, are volatile aromatic compounds. They will vaporize at a certain temperature in your glass.  They are waiting to be recognized.

Re-enter now our anti-hero, alcohol.  Alcohol is volatile too remember? In fact, it is so volatile it is a gas at room temperature. 

Now give your big glass of room temperature Cabernet Franc a solid swirl and SMELL what happens.  Alcohol, at room temperature, gassy as ever and volatile as a Republican Party nominee, carries the lighter-than-air secondary aroma of Cat Pee straight to your nose.  Isn’t that neat? 

The possibility of aromas that you can experience in a wine are endless.  Your travels and adventurous palette might help you discover some of those hidden scents.  But experience can only take you so far sometimes.

You will need to rely on your senses.  But sometimes we need a little help.   The Helicium Wine Glass offers that help you need to pick up on all the aromas in your wine!

The Helicium Wine Glass doesn’t just have a minor advantage over other wine glasses. It has a major advantage over the others.  It has 3 patented blades, (yes blades!) inside the glass.  When swirled, the blades mix and open the wine and immediately enhance the aromas of your wine.

And it’s the aroma of your wine that goes straight into your nostrils. Into your brain. 

Straight into the amygdala, the center of human emotions in the brain. 

This part of the brain will recall all those experiences, memories and emotions of your past tastings.  Unlock this and you will find the litter box! 

The Helicium Wine Glass has lots of features just like any product...but who cares?  

The only important thing for you to know are the 3 key benefits this glass will bring to your tasting experience.   

  • 3 Patented Blades inside the glass that immediately open up the aroma of your wine…paying a true tribute to the winemaker. This patent is locked in for 20 years so NO OTHER GLASS MANUFACTURER CAN REPLICATE THIS EFFECT!

3 Blades for the 3 aromas: primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas.

  • Pardon my French...but 2 words for you: Badass Glass.  Helicium is made from a unique material that is 100% mineral based and lead-free.  Drop it on the bar and it probably won’t break.  Run it through the industrial dishwasher 1,000s of times and it still sparkles and shines like new.
  •  Increased surface area.  The Helicium Glass has a centric convex dome at the base of the glass.  This dome pushes the wine out and up onto the walls of the glass increasing surface area.  More surface area means more oxygen.  More surface area means an increased rate at which aroma molecules volatilize!

 Smells like an opportunity to me...and your chance to step up your tasting game!

Helicium Glass has also won glass design awards just like your favorite wine wins awards.  The name might be funny...Helicium...but that just means blade in French.  A blade in your glass...and remember that’s badass!  

There is a world of aromas, flavors, and experiences just waiting to come out of your wine...but you have to get it out.  Helicium Glass is here to help you with that!

This glass was developed and created in France…but Helicium is now available in the United States!

Helicium has even been favorably tested out by the likes of Robert Parker and others!

Not everybody wants to smell the litter box in your glass of wine, but if you are serious about your wine tasting, or want to discover hidden aromas…let Helicium help and get serious about your glass now!

Helicium Wine Glass is an 18 oz. stemmed glass and is simply the cat’s pajamas!  Order here at and enter “CAT” to receive 25% off all orders of Helicium Glass.   Offer expires this Friday March 11th!  



Gregory Gottsacker
Gregory Gottsacker