About Us

Globex Trade & Management LLC is an Export Management Company with offices in Wisconsin, U.S.A. and Geneva, Switzerland.  

Globex Trade has recently started importing Helicium® Glassware into the United States with exclusivity in Wisconsin.  


Helicium® is a new generation of self-aerating stemware that immediately enhances the flavor and aroma of the wine in the glass. Its traditional appearance subtly integrates 3 propellers or blades and a convex dome inside the glass to achieve an immediate aerating effect, eliminating the need to decant or carafe wines.   

Helicium® is inspired by wind energy and the aesthetics of wind turbines and the effects that propellers or blades have on their surroundings. Hélice, in French, translates as propeller.                       

Inspired and created by a French Glass designer named Arnaud Baratte,  the glass focuses all of its attention on enhancing the drinking experience for the taster while simultaneously paying tribute to the wine maker by displaying the wine in its most open and pure form.