Helicium® Grand

(sold in sets of 4) 

The Helicium® Grand is an 18 ounce wine glass made for an elegant and full-bodied young wine, preferably red.  

 -aroma enhancement via the 3 blades on the interior of the glass

-convex dome at the base of the glass that pushes wine out and up onto the glass' walls increasing surface area and oxygenation 

-100% lead free and made from 100% eco-friendly materiels and minerals

-resistant to daily bumps and shocks, endures intensive industrial dishwashing

-Designed and Made in France

-Imported by Globex Shop


Dimensions: 3.75 in (w) x 9.25 in (h)

Weight: 8 oz

All sales are final. (Broken or defective/scratched glassware will be replaced at our cost)

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